Frypaan is a chief online food ordering delivery service that operates in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. We offer our customers with 4 unique facilities such as delivery, dine-in, take out and pre-order. Using frypaan services the customer can filter and choose restaurants as per their preference. Hence whole process is undertaken by an automated process so the customer does not face any hassle of ordering.
Free! Free! Free! Yes the frypaan services are absolutely free, the only extra charges that might possibly charged would be on delivery or packing charges. At the moment frypaan does not accept any e-payment but customers can directly pay the restaurants by debit/ credit cards.
Follow these simple instructions: Create an account or login using your Facebook or Google account. Once the user login to the account, a mandatory field will be shown to enter the registered mobile number, an SMS will be send to the registered mobile number having a verification code, only after matching the code you entered you will be eligible to use the service as a registered user. User have the choice to give multiple addresses (e.g. Home & Office) at the time of registration, the addresses given are autosaved and not required to enter all the time of order placement. Select your area and optionally choose a cuisine you\'re craving and hit \"Find Restaurants\". You\'ll see a wide variety of restaurants in your area, choose your favorite restaurant from the list or use sort, filter, cuisines or search to find exactly what you\'re looking for. Click on a restaurant to view its menu, search the menu, read reviews, offers. Add items directly to your cart and proceed to checkout. Select or enter your address, review your order, select a delivery time, apply voucher code in checkout if applicable and hit \"Place Order\". Your order will then be placed and routed to the restaurant immediately.
You can simply go to \"Orders History\" tab and choose an order from your previous orders and re order it.
Yes, you can cancel your order immediately after placing the order, but before the acceptance message came from the restaurant side. Cancellation will be also possible in the case of missing items and wrong item delivery. Please note that you cannot cancel your order later on because your order would have been already processed from the restaurant side. If your order was late for more than 30 minutes beyond the delivery promise time of the restaurant displayed in the website, you may also cancel your order. For debit and credit cards orders please read our debit / credit cards Terms and Conditions.
Online Payment through the frypaan website is currently not possible. So, if any refund requires under the conditions: late orders, missing items, wrong item, and delay in delivery the user need to contact either the customer care of Frypaan or the restaurant directly. Restaurant is fully responsible to refund the amount under the conditions.
You can contact us anytime through live chat or call us our hotline number, 95424326 (we operate 24 hours) or send your feedback through the \"Feedback\" tab.
Frypaan is rewarding 1 point to every 100bz order from each restaurant and it is added in to the customer wallet. Out of the listed restaurants in the website, only the restaurants included in the “Frypaan Gold Partners” are providing complimentary foods, it may vary depending on each restaurant. The total earned points will be displayed under the page of each respective restaurant. The points earned from restaurants other than the “Frypaan Gold Partners” will be calculated as separate and complimentary food will be provided by the frypaan. In this case, the points required, complimentary food, which restaurant etc... will be decided by the frypaan management and will be informed you through email or by phone. Points required to redeem complimentary foods from “Frypaan Gold Partners” restaurants are 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 etc.… complimentary foods for each point will be different. User has the choice to decide, at what point he/she wants to redeem that complimentary food. For example, if a user got 750 points, he/she has the right to choose whether he/she wants the complimentary food of 750 or 3 complimentary foods of point 250 or 2 complimentary foods of point 250 and 500 and so on. The list of Complimentary foods under each point were listed in the page of respective restaurants.
Yes, frypaan will inform our users via Email notification or by SMS if any new restaurant is opened/added in the frypaan restaurant list.
Yes, minimum order value depends up on each restaurant. Minimum order value of each restaurant is mentioned in their respective page in the frypaan website.
Dine in: User coming directly to the restaurant to have the food. Take out: User coming directly to the restaurant to collect the food. Delivery: Ordered food is delivered to the customer’s given address. Pre Order: User can order the food for a specified date & Time. Pre order Dine In: User can order the food before coming to the restaurant. Pre order Take out: User can order the food for a specified time and come directly to collect the food.
Yes, you can immediately contact our customer care to change the order type. But in the case of delivery once the order is dispatched from the restaurant you can’t change the order type.
A person who registers through frypaan.com can get 10% off on their first order in respective to any restaurants but only on their first order.
There will be a winner everyday who will receive 50 Rial free food and only frypaan holds the authority to select the winner. This context is running from 17th of May 2018 to 15th of June 2018, total 30 days. Total 30 winners would be there during the whole offer period.The frypaan will inform the winner every day by phone and it can be seen on the frypaan Face Book and Instagram pages “frypaan Oman”If the winner wants to redeem the offer they need to place the new order from frypaan.com website in any of the frypaan restaurants. The new order amount should be 5 Rial or more, when the offer redeemed, OMR 5 will be deducted from this food ordered amount and winner needs to pay the balance amount if the food ordered value is more than OMR 5. Each order winner will get 5 Rial discount from the total food ordered amount. If the food ordered amount is less than 5 Rial, the reduction amount will be 5 Rial itself in each order.The winner cannot redeem the offer if the order is not placed from frypaan.com website such as phone ordering, direct visit etc. The winner can only order food from the restaurants those are under frypaan.com.The winner can redeem the offer one day only at one time. If the winner wants to redeem all 50 Rial they need to place 10 orders in 10 different days during the 30 days period since the day he/she won the prize. Frypaan will give 10 vouchers to the winners, each voucher value is OMR 5, the winner should submit this voucher in restaurants or handed over to delivery boy when they redeem the offer each time. Offer will not be redeemed without submitting frypaan voucher.
The concept of the food ordering point is, a restaurant would offer a free food or drinks for their customers when the customer’s points reached 250, 500, 750, 1000 and more in their wallet. For every 100 baize order, a customer will get 1 point which means for 1 Rial order they will get 10 points. Once you earned 250 points (25 Rial Order) customer will get free food or drinks from the restaurants as FREE. The same system is applicable for 500, 750 & 1000 points. It is not mandatory to place the order at one time worth OMR 25 or more, customers can place the order different times, according to the value of the food order the points will be added in their wallet. The point is counting only as per the food value, not included delivery charges, packing charges ans Municipality fee. Restaurants have the right to decide the offer for 250 points, 500 points, 750 points and 1000 points. The offers will vary according to the restaurant. Customer should earn minimum 250 points in a single restaurant to redeem these points. Customer will get the offer what restaurant mentioned in their pages for 250, 500, 750 and 1000 points. Customers could not redeem if the total points is 250 from multiple restaurants. Once you reached 250 points in single restaurants, you can start to redeem points. Customers can see the points earned from different restaurants in “E Wallet under My Account”. Restaurants have the right to change the offer at any time, when you decided to redeem points what is the current offer displayed in the offer page you will get that offer. It’s not mandatory to redeem the offer once your point reached 250; you can redeem at any time even in 500, 750, 1000 or more. Whatever the points you redeemed, you will get that offer and balance points you can see in the “ E wallet under My Account”.