About Us


Frypaan is an inforamative online food ordering website in The Sultanate Of Oman who serves the customers to locate best of the restaurants in their locals. The customers can access to our website anytime and anywhere. We can provide you the best of us just by one click on your PC and mobile. Our service is currently operating in only Muscat region and soon will be spread all over the Sultanate of Oman.

This company comes under Muscat National Adventure L.L.C started back in the year 2007 which is a tourism sector and the country of origin is Oman.

The founder of this company is Mr.Khalfan Nasser Mohsin Al  Manji who is an Omani national.

Frypaan’s business development work started in October 2017 and we have successfully launched our website on 15th of May 2018.



We provide our customers with 4 unique facilities as their satisfaction is our first priority. Our facilities are as follows:





Our agenda is to provide a full fledged information about the restaurants to the customers like;

Operatinal timing of the restaurant, location, photos of ambiance, photos of food, parking information and much more.